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The Xbox 360 Pro

The Xbox 360 Pro

Everyone’s looking to get into next-gen gaming.  But there are so many choices — a Nintendo Wii, an Xbox 360, or a Playstation 3.  Playstation has a few interesting games and a Blu-Ray player.  And the Wii is a great console for party and casual games.  But if you’re a fan of next-gen gaming (i.e great graphics and sound and games), you’ll want an Xbox 360.

The 360 has come down in price quite a bit from its debut.  And the Xbox 360 Pro 60G console is a great value at $299.  You’ll get the 360 itself (basically a super-powerful computer), a 60 gig hard drive for storing your downloaded content like games, enhanced gaming updates (like episodic games or add-ons) and videos, a silver faceplate, one wireless controller, one wireless headset, and an Xbox Live Silver membership.

We could review all the technical specs of the console, but what’s under the hood is now so completely different between different consoles that it doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is that the 360 is capable of pumping out amazing HD graphics at a blistering framerate and room-shaking sound.  So whether your fingers are flying over the frets on the latest version of GUITAR HERO or you’re chainsawing a buddy in GEARS OF WAR 2, you’ll be blown away by the visuals and noise coming out of your 360.

Where the Xbox 360 really shines, though, is in its Xbox Live service.  For $49.99, you’ll want to upgrade to a Gold membership, which allows you a year of playing games online against your friends, as well as access to features like Netflix Instant Watch, where you can stream films instantly on your bigscreen.  Whether playing games, watching a DVD, downloading videos (many in HD), or enjoying Netflix Instant Watch, you’ll soon find that your Xbox 360 has become the hub of your digital life  Not bad for something that costs under $300.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Recommendation: Buy it

Please note, the Amazon Associates link goes to the Xbox 360 Arcade for some reason.  You could buy this box for $199, but the Pro 60G is a much better value.

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