What Do I Need to Watch Digital TV?

The upcoming switchover from analog to digital tv is confusing.  Without buying an expensive new high definition television, how can you still watch your favorite programs?

Fortunately, the situation isn’t as complicated as it seems.  There are three ways that you can continue to enjoy your television programs on your existing analog or standard definition television.

The first is through the use of a digital converter.  A digital TV converter works by transforming the digital signal high defintion broadcasts use into an analog signal.  Then, you can watch your shows on your existing TV.  This is the cheapest and easiest option.  The Federal Government is even giving out coupons for digital converter boxes, so you can get one for free or at very low cost.

There are a lot of digital tv converter boxes out there, and it can be a little troubling trying to figure out which one to buy.  That’s what this site is for!  We will help you out by reviewing all of the various analog digital converter options out there, enabling you to pick the right one for your budget and television.  Check back often as we’re updating the site with new reviews of digital tv converter boxes several times a week.

Your second option is to sign up for direct satellite tv.  Satellite television can be viewed on a regular, standard definition analog television.  And satellite television is often inexpensive.  Depending on your programming choices, you can get satellite programming for as little as a few dollars a month.  And direct satellite tv offers you more than just broadcast options – you can get channels like MTV, Bravo, ESPN, and also premium movie channels like HBO and Showtime.

Your final option is digital cable.  Like direct satellite tv, digital cable allows you to view programming on a regular, analog televsion.  And it can also be inexpensive, depending on your programming choices.  Or allow you to receive more viewing options in the form of premium and movie channels.

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