Something Iffy in the Price Point for Digital TV Converter Boxes?

Over on the Gadgetress blog, she wonders why all digital converter boxes are priced around $40. Is there some sort of conspiracy involved?

From the names (or no-names) of some of the converter-box brands — AccessHD, Artec, Coship and Goodmind, to name a few — I figured the digital boxes were cheaply made in Asia. And I’ve wondered if some savvy entrepreneur is making millions inflating the price of cheaply made electronics to cash in on the government subsidy.

Cynical me.

While, in fact, the only converter-box brand made in-house by a familiar name is Zenith, a brand owned by LG Electronics, other companies aren’t making a whole lot of money on digital converters, says Myra Moore, president of Digital Tech Consulting, a research-consulting firm that has tracked this very topic.

It’s an interesting read. Full article can be found here.

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