Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote Review

The Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote is a great buy for a universal remote.

The Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote is a great buy for a universal remote.

If you’ve made the transition to the digital age or are just thinking about it, odds are you’ve got a lot of home theater gear — TV, DVD player, game consoles, digital cable or satellite, home theater stereo. And with that gear comes a lot of remotes. Nobody likes to scramble to find four remote controls to change from TV to a video game or DVD. That’s where a good universal remote control comes in, letting you use one control for all of your digital devices.

Harmony makes the best universal remote controls around. And the Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote is no exception. Coming in a spiffy white that matches the sleek décor of the 360 console, the Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote allows you to program the remote via a USB hookup to your computer. A setup wizard lets you select which devices and brands you have, making configuring your multiple devices a snap. The old days of entering codes and pointing your remotes at the universal remote while pressing buttons are over.

The heart of the Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote is a contextual function LCD screen with six buttons, allowing you to choose functions by what you want to do (you can also label them how you’d like). Instead of remembering that to play a game in your Xbox 360 you need to turn on your TV, switch the input to Component Two, turn on your home theater receiver and switch the input to DVD, and then turn on the 360, the remote does it all for you when you press “Play Xbox 360.” And should something go wrong, like one of the devices doesn’t turn on or switch to the right input, there’s a handy “Help” button, offering contextual help on the LCD screen and checking to see if each of the steps it takes actually resolves the problem.

The Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote works with literally thousands of devices from hundreds of manufacturers. And because you set it up with your computer, Harmony is constantly updating the devices it works with.

One small note – if you have a Nintendo Wii, the remote can’t turn the Wii on or off (because the Wiimotes work on Bluetooth instead of infrared). However, it can still set up your TV and home theater stereo receiver so that all you have to do is pickup a Wiimote and hit a button to start playing your favorite games.

We highly recommend the Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote. You could buy a more expensive Logitech model costing hundreds of dollars, but this one does it all.  And for only $79.99.  So we’re giving it a 10/10.

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