Lasonic LTA-260 Digital Converter Box Review


The Lasonic LTR260 Digital Converter Box

The Lasonic LTR260 Digital Converter Box



Picture Quality: The Lasonic LTA260 delivers the picture quality you’d expect from a digital converter box, rivaling that of a DVD.  This is up there with other digital tv converter boxes in terms of picture.


Audio Quality:  As we’ve said before, digital converter boxes aren’t going to set themselves apart by their audio quality.  All of them deliver audio better than regular analog TV, roughly equal to a DVD’s audio quality.


Product Features: The Lasonic LTA260 digital converter box features a program guide, auto-tuning or manual/individual tuning, an on-screen signal meter, a smart antenna, A/V cables, and RF cables, as well as its most interesting function – the ability to tweak the closed captioning text by changing the font, color, and size.


These nifty features don’t make up for what the Lasonic LTA26 lacks, namely auto aspect ratio, a universal remote, buttons on the box in case you lose your remote control, or analog pass-through.


Recommendation: With a solid picture and sound and neat closed captioning tweaks, the Lasonic LTA260 looked poised to pull ahead of the pack of digital converter boxes.  Unfortunately, at $70 before the FCC converter box coupon, it’s  a bit pricy, especially when you note what it’s lacking.  There are other, better boxes out there for your money, particularly the Tivax STB-T8.


Overall Rating: 6/10

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