Digital Television Switchover/Digital Converter Box FAQ

Q: When will the switchover from analog to digital TV take place?

A: It is officially scheduled for June 12, 2009, although some TV stations are phasing out their analog broadcasts already.

Q: What do I need to watch digital TV?

A: We’ve got what you need to watch digital TV right here.  But the short answer is – you have a few options.  You can purchase a new digital TV (high definition TV).  You can subscribe to satellite TV.  Or you can  use your existing analog TV for free or very low cost by getting a digital tv converter box.

Q: How much does a digital TV converter box cost?

A: They vary by model, but most are fairly inexpensive.  Even better, the FCC is offering coupons for digital converter boxes, so you can get a digital converter box at no or extremely low cost.

Q: Is it hard to hook up my digital converter box?

A: Not at all.  If you can hook up a “rabbit ears” TV antenna or a DVD player, you’ll find it extremely easy.

Q: What if I found it hard to do that?

A: Check out our digital converter box installation guide.  It’s even got a video.

Q: That sounds pretty easy.

A: It really is.

Q: Which digital to analog TV converter should I buy?

A: Check back here often for our digital to analog TV converter reviews.  We’ve got you covered.

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