Amazon Kindle Review – Books Go High-Tech

A great value, the Kindle allows you to take a library with you wherever you go

A great value, the Kindle allows you to take a library with you wherever you go

The Amazon Kindle e-Reader is the biggest revolution to hit the printed word since the printing press.  Now you can download books, magazines, and other printed material at a fraction of the bound cost, quickly and easily.  With an Amazon Kindle, it’s possible to carry your entire library with you when you travel — think about having dozens of issues of magazines and hundreds of books available on you without having to weigh down your luggage.

The newest generation of the Kindle features several improvements to the original design.  Combined with all the other benefits, the Kindle is a truly great product.  It features:

  • A slim design, at just over 1/3 of an inch thick — the Kindle is thinner than a typical magazine
  • A super lightweight chassis, the Amazon Kindle clocks in at 10.2 oz, which is lighter than most paperbacks
  • Built-in 3G wireless, so you can download books from your Kindle anytime, aywhere without paying monthly service fees or hunting down a wireless hotspot
  • Download a full book in under 60 seconds on the newest version of the Amazon Kindle
  • E-Ink technology has a paper-like display — no hurting your eyes like reading off a computer screen;; the Kindle is easy to read
  • 25% longer battery life than previous models — this Kindle lasts for days between charges
  • The newest Amazon Kindle has a capacity of 1,500+ books
  • New Text-to-Speech Feature, which allows the Kindle to read aloud to you
  • Download and read the first chapter of books before deciding to buy
  • Kindle prices are much cheaper than hard- and paperback books — New York Times Best Sellers and New Releases are normally $9.99
  • The new Kindle boasts a 6″ screen

Really the only quibbles we have with the current generation of the Kindle is that its screen is only black and white.  A color version of the Amazon Kindle is not available yet.  So what do we give the Kindle as a final score?

Overall Rating: 9/10 (if it had a color screen, it’d get a 10/10)

Recommendation: If you’re a reader, particularly one who travels, a Kindle can quickly pay for itself in savings on books and magazines.  At $299.99 from Amazon, it’s a great product at a fair price.

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